Monday, August 6, 2012

Will ultrabooks eliminate DVDs and Blue ray dics

Hi guys wassup how are you doing? yesterday my brother bought a lenovo ultrabook it was almost copy of a macbook with the hardware but the its slim, keyboard is easy to type and fast. but the fact that it had SSD and no DVD drive only some USB ports, HDMI ports and ethernet port etc and some touch pad changes. so the question is due to new emerging race of ultrabooks will CDs and DVDs will become outdated. maybe not coz still most of the games, blue-ray movies,etc come in DVDs. they are cheap but still they can't just get outdated and what i expect to be that new ultrabooks will have a dvd drive or they wont get apropriate market in india. i am still happy with my old laptop. and i am going to college this month for studies of computer engineering the thing i had loved to do the most.



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