Wednesday, July 27, 2011

changing music player skins in S40 devices

first download oxycube from here then connect your phone,download skins and copy the files to folders:


access hidden system folders with OXYCUBE

fmr = Fmradio of phone

eql = Equalizer of phone

mpl = Mediaplayer of the phone

Enclosed beside the Nokia phone model is the compatible file format of the theme.

Nokia s40v5 uses SWF
Nokia s40v6 uses NFL

5310xm (.swf)
5610xm (.swf)
6500c (.swf)
3600slide (.swf)
5220xm (.nfl)
7210sn (.nfl)
7310sn (.nfl)
7510sn (.nfl)
7610sn (.nfl)
6303c (.nfl)
5130xm (.nfl)
download skins of .nfl format here you can also extract skin from other phones(S40) and add them into corresponding location of your phone download skins here music player skins  



Anonymous said...

Any software to see nokia c2 01 hidden files

Rjcrystal said...

yeah oxycube will show you all files :)

Anonymous said...

oxycube does not recognize my c2-01

Zero rjcrystal said...

it happens just open oxycube and then immediately plug the USB and it will work

Anonymous said...

it did not work for me.

Anonymous said...

oxy cube is not recognizing c2-01,i also have c2-01.
It's correct.but there's a solution..... u can use opm 2(oxygen phone manager ii).It supports c2-01.
but............the problem is I am unable to find a cracked opm,since it's trial version only shows the hidden folders! they cannot be edited,
plz help me if some one can........I'm fed up with it now .
my email is,

Umair Saifullah said...

Oxy cube does not works but oxygen phone manager 2 works perfectly

First download it from its website
Then open oxygen phone manager 2
Then tools select options then select connection from the left side then mark all the three options on the top then click ok thats it . IT works perfectly with c101. and i am sure that i willl work on c201 too

Zero rjcrystal said...

yea i am also not able to find any crack version of oxygen phone manager 2

Mohamad Zaenal Arifin said...

where is i can download the theme ?

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