Monday, March 26, 2012

how to find someones profile ID from photo links

i know you have some idea that in deface pages people put their photo graphs with messages or sometimes if you wanna know who uploaded this photo to facebook then open the URL of image
then see the middle number for eg for this one etc
the highlighted one is our profile ID
then how to get info for that ID so we use facebook graph API so goto  then put what you got and yes you got the user info you can simply search him/her on facebook
and if you have a URL of photo with all facebook like,tag stuff then it will look like this so the highlighted portion is your ID


i am also thinking same about blogger and twitter any ideas what do you say guys
this also works for pages, and profiles only



Anonymous said...

nice aricle....

there is one python script that will extract first 1000 pic of FB users....but need to check whether it is still operational or not.

Anonymous said...

u r gr8

Rahul Tyagi said...

Gud Work

Rjcrystal said...

thanks all

Jash Desai said...

nice one.. :-)

djpknox said...

it appears that this "trick" didn't work anymore due to new host servers

Kashi said...

Hey Friend i have a profile image from facebook yeah it's her but i wanna find him i have his profile image with profile image code i wanna find her. can you help me. do you got me ? :D please any idea ?

Anonymous said...

hmm it doesn't seem to work anymore, right? Damn

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