Sunday, July 24, 2011

flashing with JAF

  • J.A.F Software pkey emulator.
  • USB data cable.
  • Nokia phone.
There are many uses you can keep updated with latest features and you can modify your phone according to your wish.
There are several types.
  • using J.A.F box and Fbus cables .
  • Nokia software updater(NSU) .
  • phoenix .
  • J.A.F Software with Pkey .
  • download J.A.f from Here.
  • get navifirm from here
  • extract that zip archive from above file,you will get J.a.f setup file and a virtual pkey.
  • install j.a.f
warning: many antivirus softwares will show some j.a.f components as virus But just ignore it.
note: windows 7 and vista users must run pkey as administrator and set compatibility as windows xp
Obtaining Firmware(software):
  • open navifirm and select target as ‘product external’.
  • it will display the list of nokia handsets and their RM version.
  • click on your handset name with correct Rm version.
note: you can check rm version by dialling *#0000#
  • next another list will display in release column, select your firmware version.
CAUTION!: download correct firmware version, or even higher version but not lower versions, because by downgrading or flashing with lower versions may cause you phone to dead, but you can revive dead phone too via jaf
  • next comes variant, you can download and flash with any variants of software that doesn’t matter, but if you want exact variant, than open your phone’s back cover, remove battery under that you will find code like this 0559107(phone specific).
  • next firmware contents will be displayed download only these files.
  • .mcu
  • .cnt or .image
  • .ppm
About firmware components:
  • .mcu this is the largest one among firmware files,it contains all program data of firmware,some versions of j.a.f wont detect .mcu then just rename it to .c0r (c zero r).
  • .image all gallery elements such as tones,wallpapers,default games,apps are included in this file.
  • .ppm this is the most important one,it contains all tones such as keypad tone,recording beep,menu icons etc.we can change every element of this file,firmware modification is possible.
“flashing is the process of upgrading, downgrading* and reinstalling phones firmware or software”
  • open pkey, then run J.a.f, keep pkey opened don’t close it just minimize it.
  • go to bb5 column.
  • check the following there.
    a)manual flash
    b)Factory set
    c)normal mode
  • 4)then click on mcu,browse to folder where you downloaded mcu and select it(if jaf wont detects mcu file then rename it to .c0r then re try).
  • 5)like that select ppm ant .cnt or .image files.
  • 6)connect your phone with the help of usb data cable,in pc suite mode.
  • 7)before flashing make sure your phone battery has enough charge,i recommend connecting to charger while flashing.

*Downgrading is not possible on all phones, it depends on firmware, it’s not recommended.
after doing these steps,then click on flash button,you will get two warnings,just ignore them,don’t touch your phone till j.a.f says “done!”.
thats it you have flashed your phone .
Dead flashing:
  • same as flashing,just tick ,dead flash at bb5 coloumn in jaf
  • it is necessary to connect charger now,click on flash
  • press power button when prompted by jaf
note:sim card must be inserted while flashing.



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