Monday, August 1, 2011

adding orange home screen in your nokia S40 device

first download this file variant defaults file  download oxycube and goto to this location  c:/hiddenfolder/isasettings/varaintdefaults 
then replace the original file and then copy the file given in the download and disconnect and reboot ur phone that's all now goto settings/display/homescreen or orange home screen(in non home screen supported phones like nokia 5130) 
 install and open PPMod and select your ppm file
- click under ppm
- then click under text
- click on edit contents at bottom right
- when a new TEXT screen pops up (looks like a grid / excel doc with all the rows and columns), scroll down through the entries and locate Orange Homescreen.
- for the next 200 entries below (some are blanks, while some are filled), simply enter the fields following the same pattern as in the text file attached below.
- when you have finished, simply close the text edit window and click on 'create ppm' button.
- Done!
- you can then flash your phone with the edited ppm. 

OHS entries



rajan said...

I like this working fine more home screeens availablesssss ???? Pls mail me nt comment @

Anonymous said...

i cant delete the file

Anonymous said...

Is there any fear of losing my app signing authority certificates by doing this

Zero rjcrystal said...

i didnt get you can you explain me what are you trying to say

Anonymous said...

i got the homescreen but how to get the text on it??

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