Saturday, November 19, 2011

Acunetix WVS Enterprise Version 7 CRACKED

New Security Check

>Added a security check for the latest OpenX OFC file upload vulnerability
>Added a ASP.NET security check for the ASP.NET padding Oracle vulnerability
>Reduced the number of false positives for Blind SQL injections security checks
>Improved Blind SQL injection tests by adding a number of new tests to detect blind SQL injections in UPDATE/INSERT/…

Which Vulnerabilities does Acunetix WVS Check for?
Acunetix WVS automatically checks for the following vulnerabilities among others:
Version Check
Vulnerable Web Servers
Vulnerable Web Server Technologies – such as “PHP 4.3.0 file disclosure and possible code execution.
Web Server Configuration Checks
Checks for Web Servers Problems – Determines if dangerous HTTP methods are enabled on the web server (e.g. PUT, TRACE, DELETE)
Verify Web Server Technologies
Parameter Manipulation

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) – over 40 different XSS variations are tested.
Path Disclosure (Unix and Windows)
Cookie Manipulation
Arbitrary File creation (AcuSensor Technology)
Arbitrary File deletion (AcuSensor Technology)
Email Injection (AcuSensor Technology)
File Tampering (AcuSensor Technology)
MultiRequest Parameter Manipulation
Blind SQL/XPath Injection
File Checks
Cross Site Scripting in URI
Checks for Script Errors
File Uploads
Directory Checks
Looks for Common Files (such as logs, traces, CVS)
Discover Sensitive Files/Directories
Discovers Directories with Weak Permissions
Cross Site Scripting in Path and PHPSESSID Session Fixation.
Web Applications
HTTP Verb Tampering
Text Search
Directory Listings
Source Code Disclosure
Check for Common Files
Check for Email Addresses
Microsoft Office Possible Sensitive Information
Local Path Disclosure
Error Messages
Trojan shell scripts (such as popular PHP shell scripts like r57shell, c99shell etc)
Weak Passwords
Over 1200 GHDB Search Entries in the Database
Port scans the web server and obtains a list of open ports with banners
Performs complex network level vulnerability checks on open ports such as:
DNS Server vulnerabilities (Open zone transfer, Open recursion, cache poisoning)
FTP server checks (list of writable FTP directories, weak FTP passwords, anonymous access allowed)
Security and configuration checks for badly configured proxy servers
Checks for weak SNMP community strings and weak SSL cyphers
and many other network level vulnerability checks!
Other web vulnerability checks
Cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
Other vulnerability tests may also be peformed using the advanced penertation testing tools provided, including:
Input Validation (also performed automatically)
Authentication attacks (also performed automatically)
Buffer overflows
Blind SQL injection (also performed automatically)
Sub domain scanning
 ENJOY vulnerablities scanning 

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