Sunday, February 19, 2012

Indians Secure your SITE

i Rjcrystal is now launching a programme  in which any indian site who want to secure their site from being hacked will help them and will also give useful tips on securing sites and servers, i will also do a security audit if needed and thus will help Indians to secure their sites, this step has been taken due to recent attacks on indian sites and servers.
the basic tips i want to give you is

  1. use Latest linux kernels (because they are not rootable )
  2. USe latest php,joomla,cpanel,drupal,etc other CMS 
  3. CHMOD your public_html in such a way that no one can open it using a shell using (705 as chmod) this is for SHARED SERVERS ONLY 
  4. use some intrusion detection software which will help you and your team to detect from where attack was done. i prefer radware intrusion detection system.



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