Monday, April 23, 2012

How to become d0x pr00f

hi friends after exams i am free now will write some posts. yesterday i saw 1 one of my friends exposing s3rverexe. and s3rverexe also tried to expose him but failed. so today i will give you some tips on not letting your identities exposed. so first never share any information on forums, dating sites. matrimonial websites, or not even Facebook as now Google indexes its posts and comments. and be aware of adding unknown friend in your real account and never put a connection between your real and fake account. mostly if you are in INDIA you don't need to worry much as there are not any public records. but for countries like USA there are sites which have many information about you by credit-card etc.
Only hiding everything is not fun always. sometimes even misdirection also makes fun.
real life example. i tired to get information about coded32 i googled his name i got his threads and in one thread i saw that he posted his university results then i thought that there was someone of similar profile on facebook. he had chosen a person similar to his behavior,living place(old ), and university. that was a type of misdirection
so you can also try it on others and secure your identity online. this becomes important after passing of CISPA.
stay saFE.



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