Saturday, May 19, 2012

Learning Assembly language from basics

hi guys sorry for posting late as i dont have much time from school and other things after learning some basic python i am going with assembly language yeah its hard as some of hardware things are important for it. its 1 level up from binary and the programs work hell fast in assembly. Directly jumping to assembly is risky first you need to study architecture of your computer and its working there are some selected book which cover from basics to advanced i am posting some of them if you are totally new to ASM consider reading "programming from ground up" the things are quite good in it and easy to understand
another great book is the art of assembly. basically ASM and its code is based on type of processor there are major 2 types of processor

  1. CISC (pentium, asus, etc)
  2. RISC (SCADA devices use this processors to make work faster and easier)
so have fun with assembly it will also create your programming concepts more clear and better. i have put 4 best books to read to learn ASM
  1. Art of assembly 
  2. programming from ground up
  3. Guide to Assembly Language - A Concise Introduction 
  4. Introduction to 80x86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture
  5. Introduction to assembly language
download other books =>here



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Thanx fr the book raj !

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