Friday, June 8, 2012

Censorship in India, beginning of sunset of internet .... or a political game?

Before some months Govt. of india passed rules to censor websites like pastebin, thepiratebay, vimeo etc first of all reliance started blocking websites and some were even not told by govt to block. then Anonymous india hacked gateway of reliance and we all are aware of that stuff. but just think once what is need of censorship? why govt is having problems with sites like pastebin etc . Because lots of websites databases getting hacked everyday ?? and pastebin was used to post hacked data ?? the main reason what i think is Piracy because torrents are the biggest source of pirated contents. even was blocked long ago. though some ISP are not in QUE for blocking. On one side govt passes bill for broadband in every home for development. of the country and increasing phones etc. so now still the question is WHY on one side govt is doing more for internet development etc and on other side websites are being censored. till now i have not experienced censorship :) its not that hard to bypass because the DNS query. is this really necessary or just other countries are agreeing with ACTA and other acts , The major reason seems to me is that they want to suppress peoples voice... this is just the beginning of the thing and if we accept it then in future more sites will be blocked and so on..... what is use of freedom if its only on paper and not in reality, its time to react and do something legal dont wait till every ISP accepts the policy of govt. dont bypass we can bypass these idiotic censorship but that should be the last option. if we try to bypass censored websites then govt will think that we are not reacting and we are silent, so maybe if govt will make the mechanism more powerful than before and we may not be able to bypass new systems..... DId the inventors of ARPnet would had the idea that the thing they made for human development and comfort will endup like this ??? we cannot afford this censorship



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