Thursday, July 12, 2012

python based Shell analyser

hi guys wassup how you doing? this time i have got an awesome idea and i have started working on it. we already have a python based script called to scan and analyse encoded and obfuscated. i am writing my own php and python code in such a way that when a file is uploaded it is checked for both unencoded signatures and encoded things. the first thing i have to find is a common signature for all shells and then combine code of mine and neopi and a php upload page that will initialize a scan after files uploaded and  change its perms to obviously to not let execute. and i think the php one is the most hard part for me as i am totally not familiar with php but i have some good friends to help me out, and guess what last month this blog has completed its 2 years thanks for all yours support and your subscriptions Rjcrystal if u have any suggestions then comment here



Anonymous said...

are you releasing this anytime soon?

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