Monday, September 5, 2011

Search Cracks,Serials or Keygens anytime anywhere


Are you tired of searching the Internet for Cracks, Serials and Keygens  with the Risk of Getting infected by Trojans and Worms? Whatever is your reason – illegally install, not genuine, no money to pay, forget purchased original valid serial key, lazy to register product, want to extend trial limit and etc – if you search for cracks or serials online, you will likely end up searching, finding, locating and downloading from a few crack sites or cracks search engines. However, these crack sites contain lots of toolbars, popups, spyware, adware, malware or unwanted components that try to infect your computer. Craagle is an utility that helps you to avoid these nuisance.

Craagle is a free downloadable standalone meta search engine that allows users to search every sort of cracks, serials, keys, keygen and covers, without falling into annoying toolbars, pop-ups, spyware, ad-ware and mal-ware that the crack sites or search sites abundant with. It works by doing the searching the cracks, serials or album covers directly from Craagle program without the need to visit the websites. Craagle has added advantage of able to search for cover images or graphics for CD, DVD, audio, games and etc.

Craagle also supports usage of proxy server to bypass some sites that have Day Limit or daily usage limit. Craagle source code has over 100,000 characters (engine only, excluded GUI).

How to install?

There is no need to install the program as the exe is portable and can be run without any kind of installation process. To run the program just double click the craagle.exe file. To download click here  Craagle v4 and Craagle v1.9

How to search for cracks, serials or keygen in Craagle?

The user interface of Craagle is as follows:


Follow the steps:

  1. Type the name of the software.

  2. Select whether you want crack, serial or keygen.

  3. You may also select a specific website you want to search.

  4. Press Search.

  5. Select the version of the software.

  6. Right click and press Download to get the Key.

  7. The Key will be displayed at the bottom as shown in the above figure.

  8. Activate the software using the given key and Enjoy


Craagle is detected by many antivirus and antispyware software as containing Adware, so use it at your own risk. When Craagle is installed, it creates the following files in the current folder: proxy.txt, Options.ini or Craagle.ini.

Crack Sites Supported:

  • Cracks.Am

  • KeyGen.Us

  • AllCracks.Net

  • Andr.Net,

  • Crack.Ms

  • Crackz.Ws

  • CrackArchive.Com

  • CrackDb.Com

  • CrackzPlanet.Com

  • CrackWay.Com

  • MsCracks.Com

  • CrackPortal.Com

  • TheCracks.Us

  • KeyGen.Ru

Serial Sites Supported:

  • Seriall.Com

  • FreeSerials.Com

  • SerialSite.Com

  • Serials.Ws

  • Andr.Net

  • SerialKey.Net

  • SerialArchive.Com

  • CrackzPlanet.Com

  • MsCracks.Com

  • CrackPortal.Com

  • KeyGen.Name

  • TheKeys.Ws

  • FreeSerials.Ws

  • FreeSerials.Spb.Ru

  • Serial.220volt.Info

  • SerialCodes.Net

this is an updated link for craagle V 4.0



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