Saturday, October 8, 2011

Editing CNT or image files for nokia S40s

At the beginning i would tell you what is CNT or .image file you need to download it from navifirm. this file contains the entire contents of your phone like menu apps,wallpapers, default games and collections etc.
CNT files contains some unwanted apps and other things  like calculator and lifetools etc you can also add new signed apps to the menu by editing CNT file so now lets start editing CNTs
2.Qt libraries 
3.Visual C++  libraries 
download trix from here and QT from here and throw them in one folder and install visual c++ libraries 
RUN trix there will be a window like this                                                                                          
 1.Goto general tab and seclect normal file saving 
tick input file and output file then 
Input file (the original file you want to edit)
output file (the output of the file you want)

3 Now there will be a set of console given in the box right side after it goto it
4.there will be commands shown to you like this

<1> List Files - list of files and folders in a folder;
<2> Change dir - change the active folder (the one in which we will  work);
<3> Get File - pull out a file with the Content;
<4> Put File - put into a folder of Content;
<5> Delete File - delete the file of Content;
<6> Rename File - property name of the file;
<7> Dump all files - dump(copy) all files of Content to a folder ;
<0> Quit - closes the script and saves our new content.

When we want to see what is currently in our file content type:
1> enter
We will display a list of all the folders and files in the folder where you currently find ourselves.

If you want to get to the folder in predefgallery predefthemes this type:
2> enter> predefgallery> enter> 2> enter> predefthemes> enter

To see a list of files in a folder predefthemes:
1> enter

Now if you want to remove the theme (eg noir.nth):
5> enter> noir.nth> enter

To check whether a file is gone (or has been removed), press:
1> enter
It will display a list of all the folders and files in predefthemes.

Now, to add a file to predefjava (to the folder where we are now - in our case predefjava):
3> enter write fat 16 filename(add predef to original  name of file and it must be saved in the directory of trix)
press 4> enter local file name press enter then enterFAT 16 file name

Now how to get back to the main folder?
2> enter  ..   Enter
returned to predefgallery, well think again:
2> enter ..  Enter
(Two dots indicate back one level up).

 In this way we add and delete other files of Content, such as games, apps, ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, etc. 

 If you want to see everything that is in the CNT file, you can extract everything to any folder on your hard drive. To do this, create a new folder on the drive and type:
7> Enter> save to folder (eg C: / my_content)> enter
After a while the script finishes and extract all files and folders can be seen in the folder to which the entire contents




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