Tuesday, October 25, 2011


IT lets you hide your identity it is debian based GUI suite for phishing attacks (Fake DNS, Fake DHCP, Fake HTTP, Credential Harvester)

Ghost Phisher is a computer security application that comes inbuilt with a Fake DNS Server, Fake DHCP Server, Fake HTTP server and also has an integrated area for automatic capture and logging of HTTP form method credentials to a database. The program could be used as an honey pot , could be used to service DHCP request , DNS requests or phishing attacks
New Version 1.2
To install simply run the following command in terminal after changing directory to the path were the downloaded package is:
root@host:~# dpkg -i Ghost-Phisher_1.2_all.deb
Icons and Running the application:
Software Icon can be found at the application Menu of the GNOME desktop interfaces
Icon can also be found at /usr/share/applications for KDE and also GNOME:
There you find "Ghost Phisher.desktop"
To get the source code for this project from SVN, here's the checkout link:
root@host:~# svn checkout http://ghost-phisher.googlecode.com/svn/Ghost-Phisher

Here are some screenshots:
You could Emulate WIFI access points for client redirections
Here shows client connected to fake access point
Heres the Fake-DNS tab; Notice the Fake-IP address specified
Here shows the victim gettings the fake resolved IP address:
Here shows our HTTP server, with a downloaded webpage intended to be faked:
Since our victim has our fake DHCP server address,therefore he gets directed to our fake http server:
Here shows our database area, which automatically captures and logs forms credentials



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