Saturday, December 17, 2011

Create your own facebook App for pages

hi guys today there are lots of good things going on we have 10,000 pageviews and we have a new friend blackbox. and today is my birthday. :))
So how to get that coool apps that we see on big companies pages for FREE here is the solution

1st Goto iwipa app page =>>from here 

2nd select click here to install it at the bottom of page then when page reloads click on same type of button I.E. click here to install it for free.

3rd then it will take to a page where you can select your page after selection of page let it reload and then click.

Add Iwipa Website:HTML+Iframe+FBML  
4th then follow screen shots and now get your own app for your own page play around with it, its a good utility for those who dont know coding and other things.
here is my page app check it out =>>go here
and YOU have members, comments,etc lots of other features


Any problems ask in comments



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