Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hacking wave in wrong direction

Bros today every body is proving themselves in some or the other way. on one side pakistani hackers hack indian and other US sites and on other side indian hackers like lucky and indishell hack pakistani sites. people love to see hacked site they just love it like anything. thats why thehackernews type of websites are getting more attention and they are doing good by providing information and alerting peoples. but that also creates some negative thinking in peoples mind due to different nationalities.and there is a wild uproar of script kiddys today they think that they can hack sites by just SCANNING AND LEARNING from other websites/blogs its not that fucking easy (sorry for language). so a good request to them that they should study now and then make use of their study to learn hacking by themselves. do you know what is hacking its not like a guy sitting with a big screen pc eating pizzas and defacing FBI websites lol thats pretty old.hacking is curiosity to do something new its the attitude that i want to do some thing . so now i think some or might all script kiddys will study that how computers work and how programs work. and some times exploit writers put some unwanted codes in their script to keep it unusable to script kiddys. so now do HAPPY HACKING.



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