Monday, March 12, 2012

#anonymous releases anonymous-os for security testing UPDATE

Anonymous has
developed a linux based on ubuntu with a mate UI
for security testing
Here some of preinstalled apps on Anonymous-OS:
- ParolaPass Password Generator
- Find Host IP
- Anonymous HOIC
- Ddosim
- Pyloris
- Slowloris
- Tors Hammer
- Sqlmap
- Havij
- Sql Poison
- Admin Finder
- John the Ripper
- Hash Identifier
- Tor
- XChat IRC
- Pidgin
- Vidalia
- Polipo
- JonDo
- i2p
- Wireshark
- Zenmap
…and more
Including Broadcom BCM43xx wireless driver
check it out here
but guys be careful it may contain backdoors,payloads, trojan to track you . play safe read more here



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