Thursday, March 22, 2012

#OccupyOS linux for activists

Well this time i have found a modified version of tails linux (tor) for activists for occupy movements via OpPinkPower
occupyOS is a specialized Linux distribution designed to provide a secure environment activists can use to edit and publish documents, browse the web (manage site, twitter, and facebook pages), and securely communicate both on the ground and with the outside world. It was designed with security and usability in mind.
NOTE: occupyOS is still under heavy development and an official stable release has not been made.
Highlights include anonymous web browsing and internet access (using Tor or VPN's), encrypted voice chat and conferencing (using Mumble), encrypted instant messaging (with Pidgin-OTR and Xchat-OTR), advanced image editing (with GIMP), and a secure hard drive wiping tool. And many more
take care with this one als o play saf3



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